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Last Updated on 13-10-2020

【報告】Plant Species Biology Best Paper Award 2016 の選考報告

選考委員会は、PSB 2016(Volume 31)に掲載された Regular Articles の中から、以下の2編の論文をPlant Species Biology Best Paper Award 2016に選出いたしました。


Koki Tanaka and Nobuhiko Suzuki
Interference competition among disperser ants affects their preference for seeds of an ant-dispersed sedge Carex tristachya (Cyperaceae)
Plant Species Biology 31: 11-18 (2016)


Shuntaro Watanabe, Naohiko Noma and Takayoshi Nishida
Flowering phenology and mating success in the heterodichogamous tree Machilus thunbergii Sieb. et Zucc (Lauraceae)
Plant Species Biology 31: 29-37 (2016)