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Last Updated on 17-01-2022

Plant Species Biology Best Paper Award 2021 が選出されました

選考委員会は、Plant Species Biology 2021(Volume 36)に掲載された Regular Articles の中から、以下の2編の論文を今年の Plant Species Biology Best Paper Award に選出いたしました。授賞式は第53回種生物学シンポジウムにおいて行われました。

Hideki Mori, Saneyoshi Ueno, Takashi Kamijo, Yoshihiko Tsumura, and Takashi Masaki
Interspecific variation in clonality in temperate lianas revealed by genetic analysis: Do clonal proliferation processes differ among lianas?
Plant Species Biology 36: 578-588.
Ana Carolina Galindo da Costa, William Wayt Thomas, and Isabel Cristina Machado
The pollination seesaw of Rhynchospora cephalotes (L.) Vahl (Cyperaceae): Influence of plant location on the role of wind and insects as pollen vectors
Plant Species Biology 36: 503-511.